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  Horsham, VIC, Australia

What’s your fav Aussie snack?

I don’t think it’s Aussie but my mums jelly slice! Better than anywhere else in the world 10/10

What your fav spot in Australia?

Airlie beach

Eyes or smile?

You can tell alot by looking into someones eyes 😉

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    Get ready, ladies! Thunder From Down Under is a highly interactive and immersive male dance revue with adult themes. By entering the theatre, you’re agreeing to enter the Thunderzone. Don’t be surprised if one of our chiseled Aussie hunks makes his way over to give you a little personal attention or even invites you up on stage. But don’t worry; you hold the reins—join in on the fun or simply sit back and enjoy the view. If this experience isn’t your cup of tea, we kindly ask that you refrain from purchasing tickets. You’ll want to be all in for this experience—or not at all.

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